Before We Arrive/What To ExpectKevin Spencer

Before We Arrive:

  • If you are remodeling such as replacing floors, replacing tiles/wall surrounds etc. refinishing should be the last step, except for painting the walls. Please be aware painter’s tape is used during the refinishing process.  Masking may remove painted surfaces or wallpaper.  We will not be responsible for missing/peeling paint or wallpaper after this process.  

  • Remove shower doors and track, shower curtain and any loose items from the bathroom (soap, shampoo, toothbrushes etc).

  • Inspect plumbing and verify there are no leaky faucets, drain must be in working order, must have running water. If plumbing issues are found, please repair these issues before arrival.

  • During cold weather, we do need heat in the home.  The surface must be above 60 degrees for proper curing.  

  • Home must have working electricity for us to operate spray equipment.

  • Project area must have proper lighting.

  • Even though we do thoroughly prepare the bathtub, if tub is excessively dirty, please clean before we arrive, this saves our time and your money.

  • Vacuum the bathtub and bathroom area to reduce the risk of dust and pet hair falling into the coating.

  • We recommend removing trim covers and overflow plates before the refinish.  Remember, the drain shoe must be left in place as we will be running water.  

  • On tub and tile units and one piece fiberglass bathtub units please remove the faucet handles before the finish, especially if you plan to replace.   Leave these items off during the refinishing process.  If you choose to leave them on, we can tape them off.  

  • On tile projects, please have any loose or broken tiles repaired/replaced before our arrival.  

  • Although exhaust fans are used, there will be an odor present in the home during refinishing and the curing process.  If you have a sensitivity or medical concerns, it is advised that you leave the home during the refinishing and curing process.  

What To Expect From Your Refinished Bathtub:

When your tub has been professionally refinished by New Finish LLC, you can expect a long lasting finish.  We care about quality, use only premium coatings and take our time on each project.  You’ve seen the before and after pictures.  You can expect an eye catching difference as your tub and or tiles have been refinished and refreshed by updating the color as well as bringing back shine.  

Because we care about our customers and our reputation, we try to be as informative as possible regarding the refinishing process.  We will not use cheesy sales tactics and tell you that it will be a brand new tub.  Because simply put, it’s not.  We can make huge improvements to the finish of your tub by repairing damage, updating color and applying an easier to clean, non porous surface.  But we also like to remind potential customers that it is not the same as installing a brand new tub.  When a tub is made in a factory, it is a controlled and mechanical environment.  When a tub is refinished in your home, there is only so much we can control.  We take care to ensure the tub is properly prepped and premium coatings are used for a long lasting finish and applied by professionally trained refinishers.

There are factors however that cannot be controlled.  Some tubs may have tiny bumps or a bit of fuzz.  No one’s home is a 100% dust free environment.  Even though we try to remove all dust and debris, sometimes while applying the coating tiny dust particles may settle into the coating.  Don’t pick at them!  Typically they dissipate with time and use. Little bumps or minor imperfections are normal.  The bathtub coating is applied using a HVLP spray unit.  Air is circulating and as a result, sometimes dust and debris circulates in the air too.  These minor imperfections in the finish will NOT cause peeling or future problems if they are left alone.  Remember, your refinished tub, tile and or countertop is a hand applied coating.  While we are professionally trained refinishers, we cannot compete with the robotic arm in mass produced products.  When we leave the home, the bathtub/tile/countertop will still be curing.  Once the tub has properly cured you may re-caulk the bathtub, reinstall trim covers and hardware.  We cannot reinstall these items for you as the surface will still be wet.  We take care to mask off the bathroom or kitchen area we work in.  Painters tape and plastic masking is used.  Unfortunately, this may cause damage to existing paint/wallpaper.  Please be aware of this risk factor as we are not responsible for repainting/papering the area.   Although exhaust fans are used, there will be an odor present in the home during refinishing and the curing process.  If you have a sensitivity or medical concerns, it is advised that you leave the home during the refinishing and curing process.  

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at: 989-525-6479