Tub To Shower ConversionKevin Spencer

Tub Shower Conversion


Did you know you could convert your EXISTING bathtub to a walk in shower?  So many of our customers are amazed that this can be done.  We’ve all seen the commercials on television that show handicapped accessible showers.  But what many do not realize (until they get an estimate) is that these new shower systems can cost more than $10,000!  New Finish LLC. can convert your existing bathtub into a walk in shower.  There is no costly or messy rip out and replacement involved.  No plumbing or fixtures or new flooring to buy.  In addition, the conversion is affordable!  This is a great option for people who have mobility challenges.  If you need easy access, but still prefer to take baths, a tub cap or door can be easily added to your conversion.  The process takes only 1 day and is a fraction of the cost of replacement and luxury options.  This service is offered for both residential and commercial customers.  Assisted living facilities, apartments and home owners alike can enjoy the benefits of improving bathroom safety.


Customers existing bathtub has been updated with one of our AdaptaTub tub to shower conversion. The affordable easy access solution!


A removable bathtub cap can be added to any of our Adaptatub conversions. This will allow you to fill the bathtub with water for bathing if needed. Installs in seconds!


AdaptaCap makes bathing a breeze!

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