Enhance Bathroom Accessibility in Michigan

From grab bars to walk-in tubs, we enhance safety and convenience. Contact us for personalized solutions!

Bathtub Conversion

At New Finish, we understand that a bathroom’s accessibility is paramount for the comfort and convenience of individuals with diverse needs. Our Accessibility Features go beyond aesthetics, prioritizing functionality and inclusivity. We offer tailored refinishing solutions that transform bathrooms into spaces that accommodate varying mobility requirements while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance.

From slip-resistant coatings on surfaces to strategically placed grab bars, our Accessibility Features Services are designed to enhance safety without compromising on style. We prioritize the seamless integration of accessibility elements, ensuring that they become integral parts of the bathroom’s design rather than mere add-ons. New Finish takes pride in contributing to the creation of accessible bathrooms that not only meet the highest safety standards but also exude a timeless appeal. As advocates for inclusive design, we strive to bring innovation and thoughtful refinishing to every project, making bathrooms more welcoming and functional for all.

Grab Bars

At New Finish, we understand the importance of safety and independence in the bathroom. Our bathroom accessibility solutions include expertly installed grab bars strategically placed to provide support where needed most. These durable and stylish grab bars not only enhance stability but also seamlessly blend with the overall design of your bathroom, ensuring a safe and aesthetically pleasing space for everyone. Elevate your bathroom experience with our thoughtfully designed grab bar installations, creating a secure environment for daily activities.

Bathtub Conversion

Non-Slipping Flooring Options

Safety is paramount in every bathroom, and our commitment to accessibility extends to the flooring choices we offer. New Finish provides a range of non-slipping flooring options designed to minimize the risk of slips and falls. Our carefully selected materials not only prioritize safety but also provide a comfortable and stylish flooring solution. Experience the confidence of a secure footing with our non-slipping flooring installations, creating a worry-free environment for all users while maintaining the elegance of your bathroom space.

Seat Installations

For those seeking enhanced comfort and accessibility, New Finish offers expert seat installations tailored to your bathroom needs. Our accessible seating solutions are designed to provide a convenient and supportive experience, promoting independence for individuals with diverse mobility requirements. From shower seats to custom bench installations, our team ensures that each seat is strategically placed for optimal functionality and comfort. Transform your bathroom into a space that accommodates everyone’s needs with our thoughtfully crafted seat installations, combining practicality with a touch of luxury.

Thoughtfully Placed Grab Bars

In the pursuit of creating accessible and safe bathroom environments, New Finish places special emphasis on the installation of grab bars. These essential features serve as robust support structures, offering stability and assistance to individuals with diverse mobility needs.

Strategic Placement for Optimal Support

Our approach to grab bars involves careful consideration of their placement to maximize their effectiveness. New Finish understands that the strategic positioning of grab bars is crucial for providing optimal support. Whether near toilets, showers, or bathing areas, our experts analyze the specific requirements of each space to determine the most beneficial locations for these essential support structures.

Harmonizing Safety and Aesthetics

At New Finish, we believe that safety features should not compromise the aesthetics of a space. Our grab bar installations are a testament to this philosophy, as we seamlessly integrate them into the existing design. By choosing finishes and materials that complement the bathroom’s overall aesthetic, we transform grab bars from functional necessities into stylish elements that enhance the visual appeal of the space.

Custom Solutions for Diverse Needs

Recognizing that every individual’s mobility needs are unique, New Finish offers custom solutions for grab bar installations. Whether catering to specific height requirements or considering the layout of the bathroom, our team personalizes the placement and design of grab bars. This attention to detail ensures that each grab bar serves its intended purpose while seamlessly blending into the overall design scheme.


Creating Safe Spaces with Non-Slip Flooring Solutions

At New Finish, we prioritize safety and accessibility in every aspect of our refinishing services, and non-slip flooring stands out as a crucial element in achieving these goals. Our commitment to creating safe bathroom environments is reflected in the thoughtful application of non-slip coatings, providing stability and preventing accidents.

Enhancing Safety with Non-Slip Coatings

The bathroom, with its smooth surfaces and water exposure, can become a potential hazard, especially for those with mobility concerns. New Finish addresses this by incorporating non-slip coatings into the refinishing process. These coatings are designed to provide traction, minimizing the risk of slips and falls. Whether applied to shower floors, bathtub surfaces, or bathroom tiles, our non-slip solutions are tailored to enhance safety without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Seamless Integration for Aesthetic Harmony

While safety is paramount, we understand the importance of maintaining a visually pleasing bathroom environment. New Finish excels in seamlessly integrating non-slip flooring solutions into the overall design. Our approach involves selecting coatings that not only prioritize safety but also complement the existing color scheme and decor.

Versatility and Customization

New Finish recognizes that every bathroom is unique, and our non-slip flooring solutions are versatile to accommodate diverse preferences. From choosing the right texture for different surfaces to customizing the level of slip resistance based on specific needs, our refinishing experts tailor each application to the individual requirements of the space.


The Walk-In Tubs Transformation

At New Finish, we understand the evolving needs of individuals seeking both safety and luxury in their bathroom spaces. Our Walk-In Tubs service, specifically the innovative Bathtub to Shower Conversion, stands as a testament to our commitment to providing accessible and stylish solutions.

Eliminating Barriers with Bathtub to Shower Conversion

Traditional bathtubs, with their high walls, can present challenges for individuals with limited mobility. New Finish addresses this by offering a Bathtub to Shower Conversion service as part of our Walk-In Tubs solution. This transformative process involves converting a standard bathtub into a walk-in shower, eliminating the need to step over tall bathtub walls.

Seamless Integration of Modern Luxury

While the primary goal of the Bathtub to Shower Conversion is enhanced accessibility, New Finish goes beyond functionality to ensure a seamless integration of modern luxury. Our refinishing experts carefully select materials, finishes, and fixtures that not only prioritize safety but also elevate the visual appeal of the bathroom. The result is a contemporary walk-in shower that not only meets accessibility needs but also exudes sophistication and style.

Tailored Solutions for Personalized Comfort

New Finish understands that each bathroom space is unique, and our Walk-In Tubs service is designed to offer tailored solutions. Whether considering the dimensions of the bathroom or accommodating specific preferences, our refinishing experts customize the Bathtub to Shower Conversion to meet individual needs.


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