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At New Finish, we understand the transformative power of expert tile refinishing, especially when it comes to the often-overlooked bathroom flooring. Our services cater to both residential and commercial projects, aiming to breathe new life into your spaces without the need for complete tile replacements. Refinishing is an efficient and economical choice, preserving the original tile while applying a new, durable top layer that can mimic materials like ceramic, porcelain, or even stone. This process not only refreshes the appearance of bathroom but also enhances the functional longevity of your floors.


We pride ourselves on using cutting-edge techniques and materials that are not only environmentally friendly but also low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ensuring a safer refinishing process. Our skilled technicians meticulously prepare the surface by cleaning, repairing, and sanding the existing tiles, ensuring that the new finish adheres flawlessly and resists wear and tear. Unlike many competitors, we offer a variety of custom finishes and textures, from glossy to matte, tailored to your specific design preferences.

Benefits of Choosing Tile Refinishing

Choosing tile refinishing offers several significant benefits, particularly for bathroom flooring. Here are the key advantages:




Tile refinishing is far more affordable than replacing tiles. It eliminates the need for the costly and labor-intensive process of removing old tiles, preparing the substrate for new tiles, and purchasing and installing new materials. By opting for refinishing, homeowners and business owners can achieve a fresh, new look at a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement.


Time Efficiency


Refinishing a tile surface typically takes much less time than replacing tiles. Most refinishing projects can be completed in just a few days, or even in a single day, depending on the size of the area. This quick turnaround minimizes disruption in your home or business, making it a convenient option for busy individuals or commercial settings where downtime needs to be minimized.


Enhanced Durability


Refinished tiles are treated with coatings that make them more durable than their original state. These coatings are designed to resist moisture, scratches, and stains, which is particularly beneficial in high-use areas like bathrooms. This means the tiles will look better for longer, without the need for frequent repairs or maintenance.


Environmental Impact


Tile refinishing is an environmentally friendly choice. It reduces waste by keeping existing tiles in place rather than sending them to a landfill. Additionally, the refinishing process uses fewer resources than the manufacturing and shipping of new tiles, further reducing the environmental footprint.


Customization Options


With tile refinishing, there are numerous customization options available. Refinishing products come in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing property owners to tailor the appearance to their specific tastes or to match existing décor. Whether you prefer a modern glossy finish or a traditional matte look, refinishing can provide the desired aesthetic without the limitations of existing tile colors and designs.

Customization and Aesthetics in Tile Refinishing

Tile refinishing offers extensive customization and aesthetic options, allowing homeowners and commercial property managers to tailor their spaces to precise design preferences without the constraints and costs of complete tile replacement. Here are the key aspects of customization and aesthetics in tile refinishing:


Variety of Finishes


Tile refinishing services provide a range of finishes that can drastically alter the appearance of existing tiles. Options typically include glossy, matte, and satin finishes, each offering a distinct look. A glossy finish can make the space feel larger by reflecting more light, while a matte finish provides a more subdued, contemporary look. Satin finishes strike a balance between the two, offering a slight sheen without the high reflectivity of gloss.


Color Options


One of the most appealing aspects of tile refinishing is the ability to choose from a wide spectrum of colors. This flexibility allows property owners to match their current decor or create an entirely new look. Whether you’re seeking a bold, striking color to make a bathroom stand out or a more neutral shade to maintain a subdued elegance, refinishing can accommodate these needs.


Textural Modifications


Beyond color and finish, tile refinishing can also include textural changes. Techniques such as adding a stone-like texture can give ceramic tiles the appearance of natural stone, enhancing the tactile experience and visual appeal. This can be particularly effective in creating a high-end look in commercial spaces or luxury residences.


Pattern and Design Flexibility


Refinishing not only revives the look of old tiles but also allows for creative patterns and designs. Through stenciling techniques or custom overlays, refinishing can incorporate unique designs, logos, or other artistic elements directly onto the tile surface. This is ideal for businesses looking to brand their space or homeowners who want a custom feature.


Seamless Integration


For renovations or updates where only part of the tiling needs attention, refinishing can ensure a seamless integration with the existing tilework. Refinishing experts can match the color and finish of new sections with the old, ensuring a uniform appearance across the entire surface. This is particularly useful in large areas or where only damaged or worn sections require attention.


Enhancing Existing Features


Tile refinishing can also enhance existing features within the space, such as accent tiles or decorative borders. By selectively refinishing these features using contrasting colors or finishes, you can create a focal point or accentuate architectural details without the need for extensive modifications.

Why Choose New Finish for Tile Refinishing?

Choosing New Finish for your tile refinishing needs brings several distinct advantages that distinguish us from competitors in the industry. Here’s why New Finish is the preferred choice for residential and commercial tile refinishing projects:


Expertise and Experience


At New Finish, we possess extensive expertise in tile refinishing, with years of experience handling a wide range of projects. Our team is composed of skilled professionals who are well-versed in the latest refinishing techniques and technologies. This expertise ensures that each project is executed with precision and care, resulting in superior quality finishes that last.


High-Quality Materials


We use only the highest quality materials in our refinishing processes. These materials are chosen for their durability, aesthetic qualities, and environmental safety. Our coatings are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which means they are safer for indoor environments and comply with stringent environmental standards. This commitment to quality materials ensures that our finished projects are not only beautiful but also durable and safe for all spaces.


Customization Opportunities


New Finish stands out for its extensive customization options. We understand that each client has unique design visions and functional needs. Our services include a broad range of colors, finishes, and textures, allowing clients to tailor their refinishing projects to match any décor or style preference. Whether you’re looking for a high-gloss finish for a sleek, modern look or a custom color that matches unique design elements, we can accommodate your needs.


Environmentally Responsible Practices


We are committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. By choosing refinishing over tile replacement, our clients contribute to reducing waste and conserving resources. Our processes are designed to minimize environmental impact, making New Finish an ideal choice for eco-conscious homeowners and businesses.


Customer-Centric Service


At New Finish, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their visions are fully realized. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, our team provides personalized service and attention to detail. We understand the importance of your space looking its best and function optimally, and we strive to deliver results that exceed expectations.

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