Bathtub Refinishing Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking of refinishing your bathtub, tile or countertops, you’ll probably have a lot of questions.  Most people aren’t super familiar with what refinishing is.  As a small business, New Finish LLC in Saginaw Michigan likes to take the time with each and every customer, to provide answers!  We have developed a bathtub refinishing frequently asked questions handout for our potential customers.


Why refinish instead of replace?

Refinishing saves time and money, but yields similar results. Before you rip out your existing tub, tiles or countertops, think about the replacement cost. No, not just the replacement cost of a bathtub. The costs of repairs to the walls around it, the floor, the plumbing, kitchen cabinets, sinks etc. Remodeling is extremely costly. With refinishing you get a fresh updated look in just a day. Best of all, New Finish LLC is the ONLY refinishing company in this area who gives a warranty that exceeds that of a new bathtub.

What is the refinishing process?

The first step, and most important, is the preparation of the surface. 90% of the time spent on your refinishing project is in the preparation. The tub/tiles/countertop are carefully prepared utilizing specially formulated agents that provide a proper surface profile. Your surroundings (floors, countertops, walls) are protected. From the front door, throughout the work area, drop cloths are used and areas are masked off to prevent dust or debris and protect your belongings. Next, our exclusive bonding agent is applied. This creates a permanent chemical weld between your surface and our coating. This is the secret to our exclusive NO PEEL technology. We developed this process ten years ago and have used it exclusively. This technology cannot be found elsewhere and cannot be purchased by other refinishers. A high CFM ventilation system is setup to remove odor and reduce the risk of overspray. Also at this time an HVLP spray system is set up. This provides an extremely fine finish. Next we apply our premium Newglaze coating. This is an aliphatic acrylic urethane (synthetic porcelain). This is NOT an epoxy or cheap store bought/mail order product. The end result is a smooth, glossy, easy to clean surface. No steps are skipped and great attention to detail is taken to give the customer premium results. The tub is ready for use the next morning!

What about safety?

Safety is our first concern! As parents, we understand that our customers want to keep their families safe. Many refinishers utilize hydrofluoric acid to “etch” the porcelain. This is an extremely toxic and dangerous substance. It has been known to cause plumbing issues due to its corrosive properties, damage property such as mirrors and other belongings and worst of all, has caused injuries to many refinishers. If I would not expose my children and pets to this substance, I don’t want to expose you either! Because of these factors, we decided to develop our exclusive No Peel alternative. Our system has 100 time more adhesion than traditional acid etching and is safe. The products we use are low VOC (more eco friendly) and isocyanate free. These products are safer than bringing acids and toxic fumes into your home, yet provide ultimate durability.

Is there a warranty?

Because we are so confident in our process and products, New Finish LLC offers a FIVE YEAR warranty. This is four years LONGER than the warranty you get with a brand new bathtub. We are the only company in our area that allows the warranty to be transferred when selling a home.

What about clean up?

We like to leave our jobs the way we found them. Unlike other refinishers, we remove all paper, tape, masking, cloths etc. Your bathtub/countertop will be ready for use the next day.

More Questions?

Call us! 989-525-6479 or email We’d love to answer any further questions you may have.