Bathtub Repair in Saginaw Michigan

Bathtubs sometimes become chipped, scratched or damaged.  Just last week we repaired a fiberglass bathtub that a college student put his fist through!  Another recent bathtub repair involved someone accidentally falling and cracking the side wall of the bathtub.  New Finish LLC does bathtub repair in Saginaw Michigan. Chips and cracks in a bathtub are not only unsightly, they cause even more damage. Once the surface is opened up and exposed to water, the water over time causes damage.  Water can seep beneath the tub’s surface and rot out the floor underneath.  If damage is not quickly repaired, what could have been simple fix can turn into replacing the whole bathtub, flooring etc.  There are various options for bathtub repair in Saginaw Michigan.  Depending on the location of the damage in the tub, repairs vary.  New Finish LLC offers a permanent inlay system for cracks and damage occurring on the floor of the bathtub.  A permanent inlay is installed in the floor of the tub.  Other steps are also taken to support the tub, prevent further damage and seal it from water.  New Finish LLC completes bathtub repair in Saginaw Michigan and surrounding areas.

This tub was badly damaged, with two fist holes through it.  It was repaired by Kevin of New Finish LLC in the picture below.