Countertop Refinishing in Saginaw Michigan

Have you ever considered countertop refinishing?  Kitchen remodeling is very expensive.  For some homeowners, the thought of remodeling isn’t even a possibility due to the costs involved.  Home did a cost comparison among nearly 4,000 of it’s active users.   According to this study, the average cost of a kitchen remodel is $19,993.   The article can be found here:

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it?  We thought so too! What many home owners are not aware of, is that there are indeed affordable options.  Countertop Refinishing by New Finish LLC in Saginaw Michigan can give your counters the look of natural stone.  Refinishing, rather than replacing, takes dated formica, worn, burned or otherwise ugly counters and makes them look like stone!   Replacing countertops damages cupboards, backsplashes, and is costly both financially and in the amount of time and energy involved in demo and replacement.  Refinishing is cost effective, beautiful and durable. New Finish LLC provides countertop refinishing services in Saginaw Michigan, Flint Michigan, Bay City Michigan and the surrounding Mid Michigan areas.

New Finish LLC, established in 2005, has an exclusive and proprietary stone finish system with many natural color options available to fit your needs.  Best of all, countertop refinishing rather than replacement saves both time and money.  Your countertops can have the look of natural stone in most cases for less than $1,000!  The above countertop was in a doctor’s office.  Boring white formica was transformed to the look of stone in just one day!

Countertop Refinishing projects are typically completed in just one day and are ready to use in 24 hours!  There is no mess to clean up, no gutting the kitchen or worrying about how you’ll cook during the time the kitchen is being demolished.  Treat yourself to affordable elegance by considering countertop refinishing as you plan your kitchen remodel.  Your friends and family will be wowed and your wallet will thank you!