Garage Floor Coatings Made for Michigan

Shopping for a garage floor coating?  There is no shortage of articles and information about which coatings will provide the best gloss, or which are easiest to keep clean or perhaps which are the most economical.  Information that is not as readily available pertains to specifics about your climate.  

Living in Michigan presents a unique dynamic when it comes to not only the application of garage floor coatings, but the longevity as well.  Michigan weather can be unpredictable.  We have frequent freeze and thaw cycles happening at a rapid rate at times.  What does this mean for your garage floor?  When water freezes it expands at a rate of approximately 9%.  Garage and other cement floors absorb some of the moisture from the ground, causing the same expansion within the floor itself.  As the floor expands and contracts with weather conditions, its important that the coating on it is also able to flex along with the floor.