Lead is Found in Old Bathtubs, Refinishing is the Answer!

Older homes, those built before 1978 are at risk to contain lead based paint.  Most people already know this and act accordingly by repainting in order to protect their family.  There is a little known fact however, that some home owners are finding out the hard way.  We recently refinished a bathtub for a home owner and the story saddened us.  The homeowner had a small child who was suffering from various unexplained ailments.  After investigating further with the family doctor, the child was shown to have had lead exposure.  The home was promptly tested and the source of lead was shocking.  It was in the bathtub.  Lead is found in old bathtubs.  It is actually in the porcelain of the tub.  What’s worse is that if the tub is worn, the levels are even higher.   All communities contain older homes.  Our area, Saginaw, Bay City, Flint, Midland Michigan all have historic homes and pre 1978 homes.  There is no doubt lead could be leaching in the Saginaw Bay Community.

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Learning that lead is in old bathtubs comes as quite a shock to many.  In my mind, the term lead based paint or lead exposure, conjures up vision of flaking and chipped paint or lead water pipes causing contamination.  Noting the bathtub as a possible culprit is scary.  As parents, we bathe babies and toddlers in the bathtub.  They play in bubbles, splash and sometimes drink the water.

So what is the answer?  Knowledge is the first step to solving the problem.  Many home lead test kits are readily available in hardware stores.  An example lead test kit can be bound by following the link to Amazon.

When lead leaching is identified in your bathtub.  Take immediate action and protect your family.  Lead found in old bathtubs can be encapsulated by having the tub professionally refinished.  This prevents leaching lead from reaching your family.  Bathtub encapsulation/refinishing is low cost and effective.  Bathtub refinishing by New Finish LLC in Saginaw Michigan, Bay City Michigan, Flint Michigan and surrounding areas is a great option to encapsulate your bathtub.  The process takes only a day and is ready for use in just 24 hours.

Below is a picture of the actual tub the homeowner tested and found lead in.  The bathtub does not need to look chipped or peeling to be leaching lead.