Low Cost Kitchen Remodel in Saginaw Michigan

Do you watch HGTV like I do?  There are many design shows that give awesome ideas and tips for remodeling.  If you are like many other home owners though, the reality is, kitchen remodeling is expensive, very expensive.  It’s easy to spend $20,000-$40,000 on a kitchen remodel.  If you choose not to spend this much but still want an updated look, refinishing is a great option.  Low Cost Kitchen Remodel in Saginaw Michigan is an option offered by New Fiish LLC.

Outdated formica or tile countertops can be given our specialty stone finish treatment and mimic the look of polished stone.  Low cost kitchen remodel in Saginaw Michigan through refinishing, also called reglazing can be completed in just 1 day!  There are many various stone finish color options to choose from and the process is backed by a warranty.

Countertop refinishing makes it possible to not have the mess of ripping out and replacing and losing use of your kitchen for weeks on end.  Our customers are getting very creative with their kitchen updates and have given us great design tips.  Many customers choose to paint their existing cupboards, even adding details to give them a fresh new look of modern flair, or distressing for vintage appeal.  Updated knobs and hardware can be ordered online also adding to your options for low cost kitchen remodel in Saginaw Michigan.

Aside from the New Finish LLC website, you can also check out the facebook page for countertop design inspiration. A low cost kitchen remodel in Saginaw Michigan is totally in your reach!  Check out the pictures below.