Proven Bathtub Refinishing In Saginaw, MI

Thinking of refinishing your bathtub, tiles, or even countertops?  Customers always want the biggest bang for their buck.  With refinishing they’ve found it.  Bathtub refinishing Saginaw Michigan is a popular option to save time and money.  But there is a problem.  Most consumers don’t know enough about refinishing to make an informed decision.  Some are scared and stick with what they know, ripping out and replacing. Some just want it done and hire the first available refinisher, and some are like YOU and make an informed decision.  How does a consumer make an informed decision?  Informed decisions are the result of doing your research.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking for my service, bathtub refinishing, or a contractor, or any other service.

So, how do you decide who is the best?  Here are a few helpful tips:

Is the website reputable?  Do the links work?  Are pictures current?  Is information helpful?  Do they have an established online presence?  It’s 2016, if its a reputable business they should have a website, facebook page and other media to assist you with information.
When you call or email with questions, are they responsive?  Do they get back to you within 24 hours?  Are they courteous and informative?
How far in advance are they booked?  Every business has busy and slow seasons.   But even in a slow season, if the company can get to your job tomorrow, that is NOT a good sign.  Signs of a healthy and thriving business is a business that is consistently busy.
Have they been PRE-SCREENED or proven?  This is a biggie!  You need to be aware of who you are letting into your home.  Just because they have a business does not mean they aren’t potentially dangerous or dishonest. At New Finish LLC we utilize Home Advisor to pre-screen us, for the peace of mind of our customers.  Home Advisor provides background checks pertaining to criminal records, sex offender search, business license, liability insurance and much more.  Can your contractor say they are Home Advisor approved?
Before making a decision, ask yourself, are they pre-screened and proven?  There are many choices in Bathtub Refinishing Saginaw Michigan and the surrounding areas.  When you google search Bathtub Refinishing Saginaw Michigan, we hope that you give serious thought to the key points above.  New Finish LLC is pre-screened and quality is proven with happy customers time and time again.