Shopping Small Makes a Big Impact - Saginaw Michigan

Today I read something that resonated with me.  The article was simply titled, “Why you need to support small businesses”, written by a contributor for Forbes Magazine.  The article can be found here  In short, it is all about shopping small.  The author, Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, cites data from the Small Business Administration about just how many small businesses there are across the United States and the impact they have on the economy and job growth.  Nearly 3/4 of all businesses in the United States are considered self employed businesses.

Our small business is one of the 28.2 million small businesses operating in the US.  New Finish LLC  is a small family owned and operated business.  We answer our own phones, schedule our own appointments, do all of the hands on work, don’t have a sales team or a marketing guru.  We are about as mom and pop as it gets.  We are thankful for those in our community who choose to shop small and choose New Finish LLC  for their bathtub, tile and countertop refinishing projects.  By deciding to stay out of the big box stores, making purchases of new tiles and tubs, (most imported from other countries), YOU are making a big impact.  On a personal level, by shopping small with New Finish LLC you are supporting a small business, a family, and a dream.  Your dollars are going right back into the community we live in.  On a more macro level, by choosing to reglaze instead of replace, you are reducing waste by keeping demolished kitchen and bath fixtures out of landfills.

By shopping small, whether it’s our business or the many others in our community, what you are gaining is BIG.  You are gaining a custom experience, product or service.  In terms of our business, no one will ever have your specific countertop, because each refinish is a custom application.  By shopping small, the customer service you receive can’t be beat.  Guess what? If you call back next week with a question, I will remember who you are and what type of job you scheduled.  Small businesses get to know our customers, your needs and try hard to deliver exactly what you want.

Small businesses run on big dreams, long days and a tremendous amount of faith.  Thank you to all who choose to shop small in our community. You are surely making a BIG impact!

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