Top 5 Reasons to Refinish Your Bathtub

Bathtub refinishing is an option home owners are choosing more and more often.  This article will cover the Top 5 Reasons to Refinish Your Bathtub.  But first, what is refinishing?

Resurfacing/refinishing is a process that can dramatically change the look of your kitchen or bathroom. New Finish LLC allows you to completely update your look utilizing a special process at a fraction of the price of traditional replacement. New Finish not only gives you the look and feel of brand new tubs, sinks, tiles, and countertops, but also the durability as well. Our products are specifically designed for porcelain and fiberglass resurfacing.

Our process of bonding the new glaze to the existing tub was specifically designed to promote optimal adhesion and longevity. The key to a long lasting surface is preparation. We take the time to properly prepare the tub or surface to be refinished, using only the best quality products. There are many options available to you the consumer. However, be aware that imitation do-it-yourself kits and refinishers who offer a super low price (because important preparation steps are skipped and cheap products are used) will provide a surface that will not last. We take pride in the services we offer and stand behind our products 100%. The refinishing process generally takes between four to five hours. The tub is ready for use the very next day.  Our industry leading NEWGLAZE products provide the best adhesion and chip resistance in the world, which will give your fixture years and years of use. By using the best reglazing system on the market, we take pride in offering you the best warranty.

Now that you have a good understanding of what refinishing is, and why it’s so important to choose a competent professional, lets go over the Top 5 Reasons to Refinish Your Bathtub.

5. Time is everything

It seems there are never enough hours in a day.  Never enough time to get the to do list done.  When you choose refinishing over traditional rip out and replacement, you are saving a lot of time.  With refinishing, the process is done in less than one day and the tub is ready for use in just 24 hours.  How does that compare with a full replacement which could take 2-4 weeks?

4. The Three R’s are important

Reduce, re-use, recycle!  By choosing refinishing rather than replacement, you are saving your tub, tile or countertops from filling up more space in a landfill.  You are re-using the quality item that was in your home (usually better quality than items mass produced today).  Re-using your items is so important.  Why not consider re-using and restoring fixtures?

3.  Respect the integrity of your home

Live in a historic home?  How about the clawfoot tub?  Or maybe the vintage original subway tile?  Gutting original, highly valued fixtures actually detracts from your home’s value.  Rehab experts from popular sources such as, advise restoration not gut jobs.  One of the many articles on this subject can be found here.

2. Money Talks

Everyone wants to save a buck!  With refinishing, you don’t have to sacrifice quality.  Refinishing saves up to 80% of typical replacement costs.  So weather you are on a tight budget, or would just rather spend your money on other projects, refinishing is the best value, providing an instant and affordable remodel option.

1. Is it safe?

Have you read about lead poisoning and lead exposure?  Just found in old paint right?  Wrong!  Lead can be found in original bathtubs!  After the finish wears down over years of use, lead begins leaching out. No one wants to put themselves or their children into potential harm just by taking a bath!  Bathtub refinishing provides encapsulation of your tub, sealing the harmful lead and forming a new protective barrier.  Read more about leaching lead here.