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At New Finish, we recognize that the lobby serves as the introduction to any hospitality venue, setting the tone for guests’ experiences. Our comprehensive hospitality services are designed to revitalize these critical areas, ensuring they are not only welcoming but also reflective of the venue’s character and style. We specialize in refreshing worn-out surfaces, from elegant wood paneling and reception desks to intricate tile and stone floors. 

Our approach extends beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about creating a space that resonates with both functionality and style. We meticulously select and apply finishes that are both appealing and appropriate for the high demands of a busy lobby environment. 

Statement Pieces in Lobby Areas

At New Finish, we understand the importance of statement pieces in transforming lobby areas into captivating spaces. Our refinishing services focus on enhancing key focal points, such as unique sculptures, dramatic art installations, or bespoke furniture pieces that command attention. By refinishing these elements, we not only restore their original allure but also adapt them to current design trends, ensuring they stand out and create a memorable first impression for visitors.

Flooring Transitions for Cohesive Flow

Flooring transitions play a crucial role in defining the space and guiding the flow of traffic in lobby areas. New Finish specializes in refinishing flooring transitions to ensure a seamless blend between different materials, such as transitioning from a grand marble entrance to a cozy carpeted lounge area. Our expert techniques ensure that these transitions are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, minimizing wear and tear while enhancing the overall design aesthetic of the space.

Artistic Elements to Enhance Aesthetics

Incorporating artistic elements into lobby decor is essential for creating an inviting and stimulating environment. At New Finish, our refinishing services bring new life to wall murals, intricate tile work, and other artistic details that make each space unique. We carefully restore these elements to their original splendor, while also integrating modern touches that resonate with current interior design trends, ensuring that each artistic element contributes effectively to the lobby’s ambiance.

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Ambient Lighting Effects to Set the Mood

Ambient lighting is vital for setting the mood and enhancing the functionality of a lobby area. Our team at New Finish refines lighting fixtures to complement the architectural features of the space while providing adequate illumination. Whether it’s through the strategic placement of soft, diffused lighting fixtures or the restoration of grand chandeliers, our services ensure that lighting not only serves a functional purpose but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the lobby.

Guest Seating Arrangements for Comfort and Style

Seating arrangements in a lobby should provide comfort without compromising on style. At New Finish, we specialize in refinishing seating furniture to meet both these needs. From luxurious upholstered sofas to sleek, modern chairs, our refinishing processes revive worn-out furniture and adapt it to contemporary tastes. By doing so, we help create inviting seating areas that encourage guests to relax and appreciate the surroundings, ensuring a pleasant and welcoming experience for all.

Creating Cohesive and Functional Spaces with New Finish

At New Finish, we prioritize both the aesthetic and functional aspects of lobby spaces, recognizing their role as key points of interaction for guests. Our approach begins with a thorough assessment of the existing layout, where we evaluate how different elements—like flooring, furniture, and fixtures—interact within the space. By identifying areas that require enhancement or better integration, we can create a more cohesive experience that guides guests naturally through different zones.


Refining Surfaces and Transitions


Our expertise in surface refinishing plays a crucial role in enhancing the flow of the lobby. We meticulously select and apply finishes that suit the needs of each area. For example, durable, slip-resistant flooring in the entrance area transitions smoothly into more luxurious, comfortable materials in lounge zones. This not only demarcates different spaces but also ensures each area is optimally suited to its function, contributing to the overall harmony and utility of the lobby.


Furniture Restoration for Functionality and Style


Furniture selection and restoration are integral to our services. We refinish existing furniture to match new decor themes, enhancing its style and functionality. Whether updating upholstery to meet modern tastes or restoring vintage pieces to retain their charm, our process ensures that furniture is not only visually appealing but also provides comfort and durability. This approach helps in maintaining a balance between aesthetic appeal and practical usability, making the lobby both inviting and functional.


Lighting Enhancements for Ambiance and Efficiency


Lighting is a vital element in setting the mood and functionality of the lobby. We refine lighting fixtures to improve both the illumination and ambiance of the space. This includes updating fixtures with energy-efficient solutions and adjusting lighting layouts to enhance the space’s visual appeal while fulfilling practical requirements. Our lighting refinishing ensures that each area of the lobby is lit appropriately, from bright, clear lighting in reception areas to softer, ambient lighting in relaxation zones.

Tailoring to Unique Brand Identities with New Finish

At New Finish, we understand that each hotel has a unique brand identity that should be vividly reflected in its physical space, particularly in the lobby which sets the initial tone for guests. Our refinishing services are customized to align with each hotel’s specific aesthetic and thematic requirements.


Custom Solutions for Brand Consistency


We extend our customization beyond just visual elements to include functional adaptations that are specific to the brand’s identity and operational needs. For example, if a hotel prioritizes sustainability, we incorporate eco-friendly materials and processes into our refinishing projects. Our ability to adapt our services to meet such specific brand requirements ensures that every aspect of the lobby—from flooring to furniture and fixtures—upholds and promotes the hotel’s values and image.


Engaging Guests with Unique Brand Elements


Beyond functionality and aesthetics, we focus on creating engaging elements that highlight the hotel’s unique features. This might include bespoke art installations that tell the brand’s story or custom-designed interactive areas that engage guests and enhance their experience. These distinctive elements make the lobby not just a pass-through space but a memorable part of the hotel’s identity, encouraging guests to explore and appreciate the uniqueness of the brand.


Maintaining Brand Integrity Through Detail


Attention to detail is crucial in maintaining the integrity of a brand through refinishing. This includes the precision in restoring historical elements in heritage hotels or the subtlety in material choices that reflect a contemporary brand’s ethos. At New Finish, we ensure that every detail, no matter how small, aligns with the hotel’s branding to provide a consistent and seamless experience for guests.

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