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At New Finish, we specialize in rejuvenating the aesthetics of hair salons through meticulous refinishing services, ensuring that every project reflects the unique brand and style of our clients. Our approach begins with a detailed consultation to understand the specific needs and vision of each salon. We focus on selecting the best materials and techniques that are not only durable but also enhance the visual appeal and functionality of the space. From updating the flooring with resilient finishes to applying fresh, vibrant paint that withstands the rigorous demands of a busy salon, our team ensures every detail aligns with the client’s expectations and industry standards.


We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions that set our projects apart from the mundane refurbishments often seen in the market. For instance, our use of eco-friendly coatings and modern texturing techniques not only beautifies the space but also promotes a healthier environment for both staff and customers. This commitment to excellence and sustainability is what makes New Finish a leader in commercial refinishing. By integrating state-of-the-art ventilation systems and lighting that enhances the natural look of hair under different conditions, we transform ordinary salons into extraordinary spaces that invite comfort and style.

Cash Wraps Refinishing

At New Finish, we understand the importance of a stylish yet functional cash wrap in hair salons. Our refinishing services are designed to revitalize these essential areas, ensuring they are not only aesthetically pleasing but also cater to the operational needs of the salon. We use durable, high-quality materials that withstand frequent use and cleaning, ensuring the cash wrap remains pristine and inviting. Our expert team focuses on surface renewals that reflect the salon’s branding and enhance the overall customer experience.

Surface Renewal Expertise

Our surface renewal services breathe new life into worn-out salon surfaces. At New Finish, we specialize in refinishing countertops, chairs, and workstations with materials that resist hair products, dyes, and heat, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance. Our finishes are chosen for their ability to brighten up a space and create a welcoming environment for clients, all while maintaining an air of professional sleekness that modern salons require.

Enhancing Salon Security

Security features in hair salons are crucial for protecting both staff and client belongings. We incorporate discreet yet effective security enhancements during the refinishing process, such as secure cabinets and hidden yet accessible storage areas for personal items. Our designs maintain the flow and style of the salon while enhancing peace of mind for everyone in the space. By integrating these features subtly, we ensure that the salon’s aesthetics are never compromised.

Ergonomic Placement Solutions

Ergonomics play a pivotal role in the layout of a hair salon, and our refinishing services prioritize the comfort and efficiency of both stylists and clients. We expertly arrange workstations, chairs, and equipment in a manner that reduces physical strain and maximizes space utility. This strategic placement enhances the overall functionality of the salon, making it a more productive and enjoyable environment for all.

Customer Flow Management

Efficient customer flow management is essential in creating a seamless salon experience. Our refinishing projects consider the entire customer journey, from entry to exit, ensuring that each area of the salon facilitates smooth movement and minimal crowding. This not only improves the operational efficiency of the salon but also enhances the client’s comfort and satisfaction during their visit.

Checkout Efficiency

At New Finish, we tailor our refinishing services to optimize checkout areas for speed and efficiency. By designing a checkout space that facilitates quick, hassle-free transactions, we help salons maintain a steady flow of clients, especially during peak hours. Our thoughtful placement of payment systems, receipt printers, and appointment booking stations ensures that every interaction at the checkout is as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Salon with Professional Refinishing

Upgrading your hair salon through professional refinishing services offers a range of benefits that can significantly enhance both the aesthetic appeal and operational efficiency of your business. At New Finish, we provide top-tier refinishing solutions that revitalize salon spaces, creating environments that are both inviting and conducive to optimal functionality. Here are some key advantages of investing in a professional salon upgrade:


Increased Customer Attraction and Retention


A beautifully refurbished salon space can greatly enhance the customer’s first impression and overall experience. Modern, clean, and stylish interiors not only attract new clients but also encourage regulars to return. The pleasant environment contributes to customer satisfaction, a crucial factor in building a loyal clientele.


Enhanced Employee Satisfaction


An updated salon provides a more enjoyable and efficient workspace for stylists and staff. Ergonomically designed workstations and comfortably arranged spaces can reduce physical strain and fatigue, boosting employee morale and productivity. Happy employees are likely to provide better service, further enhancing customer satisfaction.


Improved Brand Image


A newly refurbished salon reflects professionalism and commitment to quality, reinforcing a strong brand image. An attractive, well-maintained space sends a message of competence and attention to detail, setting you apart from competitors and helping to establish your salon as a top choice in the beauty industry.


Increased Property Value


Professional refinishing can increase the physical and perceived value of your salon property. Should you ever decide to sell or lease your space, a well-executed refurbishment can significantly raise its market value, making it a more lucrative asset.


Cost Efficiency


Upgrading your salon with durable materials and modern designs can reduce the need for frequent maintenance and repairs. High-quality finishes are designed to last, minimizing the likelihood of future expenditures on refurbishments. This long-term approach to investment in your property ensures that operational costs are kept in check over time.

Why Choose New Finish for Your Salon Refinishing

Choosing New Finish for your salon’s refinishing needs offers distinct advantages that set us apart from other service providers in the industry. Our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions makes us the ideal partner for transforming your salon space.


Expertise and Experience


At New Finish, we bring years of experience and a deep understanding of the unique requirements of the beauty industry. Our team of professionals is highly skilled in all aspects of refinishing, from floor restoration to ergonomic furniture placement. This expertise ensures that every project we undertake meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.


Customized Solutions


We recognize that each salon has its own identity and needs. That’s why we offer customized refinishing solutions tailored to the specific goals and styles of each client. Whether you’re looking for a modern, sleek look or a cozy, vintage feel, we work closely with you to bring your vision to life while optimizing the space for operational efficiency.


Quality Materials and Craftsmanship 


New Finish uses only the best materials and the latest techniques in the industry. Our commitment to quality means selecting products that are not only visually appealing but also durable and easy to maintain. This commitment extends to our craftsmanship, with meticulous attention to detail ensuring that every finish is flawless.


Comprehensive Service


We provide a full range of refinishing services, covering everything from minor updates to complete overhauls. Our comprehensive approach means you can trust us to manage all aspects of your project, from initial design to final touches, simplifying the process and reducing the stress of coordinating multiple contractors.


Focus on Customer Satisfaction


At New Finish, client satisfaction is our top priority. We go above and beyond to ensure that all your needs are met and that the finished project exceeds your expectations. Our team is attentive to your feedback throughout the process, making adjustments as needed to ensure the final result is exactly what you envisioned.

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3. Love Your New Space

Our aim is to make the process smooth and transparent, ensuring your commercial space receives the top-notch refinishing it deserves. Transform your space with New Finish!