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At New Finish, we understand the transformational impact a high-quality epoxy flooring system can bring to your garage. Specializing in both residential and commercial concrete refinishing projects, we are dedicated to turning your space into a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional area. Our team of skilled professionals is adept at applying seamless concrete epoxy coatings that not only protect your garage floor from stains, cracks, and wear but also elevate its appearance. With a plethora of finishes available, from glossy to matte, and a variety of colors, our custom solutions are designed to meet your specific needs and preferences.

The epoxy floor refresh your space needs is right around the corner. Here are the epoxy finishes we offer:


We pride ourselves on using cutting-edge techniques and materials to ensure a long-lasting finish that stands the test of time, transforming your garage into a space that is both inviting and resilient. What sets New Finish apart is our commitment to excellence and our passion for bringing your vision to life. We believe in providing personalized service that goes beyond just applying a coat of epoxy. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, we work closely with you to understand your needs, offering expert advice on how to best achieve your desired outcome. Our unique approach includes thorough surface preparation, ensuring optimal adhesion and a flawless finish.

Epoxied garage floor

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in Garages

Epoxy flooring has become increasingly popular for garage environments, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal, durability, and maintenance ease that traditional flooring solutions struggle to match. Here’s a closer look at the specific benefits epoxy flooring brings to garages:


Durability and Strength


Epoxy coatings transform ordinary concrete floors into a seamless and durable surface capable of withstanding the daily demands of automotive traffic, heavy equipment, and mechanical work. This resilience against chipping, staining, and surface abrasion makes it an ideal choice for garages, where the floor is subjected to a variety of stresses including the weight of vehicles, impact from tools, and the spillage of chemicals.


Moisture and Stain Resistance


Garages are prone to spills ranging from water and oil to more corrosive substances. Epoxy flooring is inherently resistant to moisture and stains, making it easy to clean up any spills with minimal effort. This property ensures that the garage floor maintains its pristine appearance over time, free from unsightly stains that can be common in uncoated concrete floors.


Safety Features


Epoxy floors can be customized with anti-slip additives to enhance safety, reducing the risk of slips and falls from oil spills or water. Furthermore, the high-gloss option available with some epoxy coatings can improve lighting in a garage by reflecting light off the floor, enhancing visibility which is particularly beneficial in workspaces.


Aesthetic Versatility


Epoxy flooring is not only about function; it also offers significant aesthetic flexibility. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, it can be tailored to match any décor, from simple and sleek single-color finishes to complex patterns that mimic granite, marble, or other high-end materials. This versatility allows homeowners to turn their garage into an extension of their living space, reflecting personal style or even enhancing home value.




Considering its longevity and minimal maintenance requirements, epoxy flooring is a cost-effective solution for garage flooring. Its durability means it doesn’t need to be replaced as frequently as other flooring options, and its resistance to stains and moisture reduces the need for costly repairs or intensive cleaning.


Ease of Maintenance


The seamless nature of epoxy flooring means there are no cracks or joints where dirt and dust can accumulate, making it incredibly easy to maintain. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping with mild cleaners are all that’s needed to keep an epoxy floor looking new. This ease of maintenance makes it an excellent choice for garages, where cleanliness and low maintenance are key.

Customization Options

Epoxy flooring stands out not just for its durability and practicality, especially in garage environments, but also for its vast customization options. These options allow homeowners to tailor their flooring to match their personal style, functional needs, or to complement the overall aesthetic of their home. Below, we delve into the variety of customization choices available with epoxy flooring, offering flexibility that traditional flooring solutions can seldom match.

Color Choices

Epoxy flooring comes in a wide range of colors, enabling homeowners to select shades that perfectly match their garage’s theme or their home’s exterior. From vibrant hues to subtle tones, the color can be mixed directly into the epoxy resin, providing a consistent, long-lasting color that won’t fade or peel over time.

Multi-Color and Pattern Options

Beyond solid colors, epoxy floors can be enhanced with multi-color flakes or chips, which are sprinkled onto the epoxy base coat before it cures. This not only adds depth and texture to the flooring but also provides the opportunity to create unique patterns or color blends. Such customization can mimic the look of granite, quartz, or other natural stone finishes, offering a high-end appearance at a fraction of the cost.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy floors are a unique subset of epoxy flooring that incorporate metallic pigments, creating a floor with a shimmering, three-dimensional appearance. These floors can mimic the look of marble, swirling water, or even molten metal, providing a striking visual effect that can turn a garage into a showcase. Each metallic epoxy floor is unique, offering a one-of-a-kind finish that can be tailored in color and pattern to the homeowner’s specifications.

Textured Finishes

For those concerned with safety or who desire a specific tactile quality underfoot, epoxy flooring can be finished with various textures. Textured finishes improve grip and reduce slipping, making them ideal for garages where spills might occur or where extra traction is needed. Textures can range from slight grittiness to more pronounced anti-slip aggregates, depending on the level of slip resistance desired.

Maintenance and Longevity

Epoxy flooring, particularly in garages, offers a blend of durability and low maintenance that is hard to match with other flooring options. The combination of these attributes ensures not only a floor that stands up to heavy use and harsh conditions but also one that retains its appearance and functionality over a long period.


Maintenance of Epoxy Flooring


The seamless and non-porous nature of epoxy flooring makes it exceptionally easy to maintain. Unlike concrete floors that can absorb stains and require rigorous scrubbing or special treatments, epoxy floors resist most stains and spills, which can simply be wiped away. Here are some key maintenance tips:


  • Regular Cleaning: For daily or weekly maintenance, sweeping with a soft broom or using a dust mop is sufficient to remove dirt and debris. For a more thorough cleaning, mopping with warm water and a mild detergent will keep the floor looking new. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or pads that can scratch the surface.


  • Spill Management: Epoxy floors resist most chemical and oil spills, but it’s still best to clean up spills as soon as they occur to prevent any potential slip hazards and to maintain the floor’s aesthetics.


  • Protective Measures: Although epoxy floors are highly durable, using protective pads under heavy machinery or furniture can help prevent scratches. For garages that double as workshops, consider using drop cloths or mats in areas where tools or heavy objects may fall.


Longevity of Epoxy Floors


The lifespan of an epoxy floor can vary based on several factors, including the quality of the installation, the level of traffic, and adherence to maintenance guidelines.


  • Quality of Installation: Proper surface preparation and application are crucial for maximizing the lifespan of an epoxy floor. Floors that are not properly prepped may exhibit peeling or bubbling, significantly reducing their durability.


  • Traffic Levels: High-traffic areas may show signs of wear over time, such as dulling of the finish in pathways. However, this wear is often cosmetic and can be refreshed with a new topcoat rather than a complete reapplication.


  • Exposure to UV Light: While epoxy floors are generally UV resistant, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can lead to yellowing or fading over time. Using a UV-resistant topcoat can help mitigate this effect, especially in areas exposed to natural light.


  • Chemical Exposure: Regular exposure to harsh chemicals can affect the longevity of an epoxy floor. While epoxy is resistant to many chemicals, certain types, especially solvents, can degrade the surface if left in contact for extended periods.

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Epoxy Flooring Prices

If you want to have a fantastic experience while refinishing your space, look no further than New Finish. Here's a quick guide to the pricing you can expect for epoxy flooring.

Base Epoxy Flooring*


Using our hybrid epoxy poly-aspartic vinyl flake floor coating system for a 250 square foot space. Includes surface prep, diamond grinding, shot blasting, and minor crack treatment.

Average Epoxy Flooring*


Using our hybrid epoxy poly-aspartic vinyl flake floor coating system for a two car garage. Includes surface prep, diamond grinding, shot blasting, and minor crack treatment.

High-End Epoxy Flooring*


Coating a large basement, large garage or Pole Barn using our hybrid epoxy poly-aspartic vinyl flake floor coating system or metallic epoxy. Includes surface prep, diamond grinding, shot blasting, and minor crack treatment.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the square footage of your floors and your choice of materials and accents. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique epoxy flooring project after the in-home consultation.

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