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Refinishing Services in Frankenmuth  - countertop-resurface-afterImagine introducing a new look and feel into your kitchen, bathroom, or basement while saving up to 80% of the money you would spend on a typical room remodeling project. With custom refinishing and resurfacing in Frankenmuth from New Finish, we bring your home improvement goals to life in your home or business.

We are a design and contracting family-owned company in Mid-Michigan bringing options for you to fix up your bathtub, tile, countertop surface, and more, usually in less than a day. Since 2005, we have worked with residential and commercial clients in Frankenmuth to offer cost-effective options to achieve the look they want.

Frankenmuth - Michigan’s “Little Bavaria”

With a population of about 5,000 residents, the city of Frankenmuth, Michigan is a small yet welcoming community. Though Frankenmuth officially became a city in 1959, its character remains strongly connected to its Bavarian roots from its settling as a township 100 years earlier. From its timber-framed architecture typical of the Franconia region of Germany to its Bavarian Inn Restaurant serving up authentic dishes, the city continues to earn the nickname “Little Bavaria.”  

Tourism and farming drive the local economy. Visitors come to enjoy the rich history, but the local hospitality adds the necessary ingredient that separates this city from other destination spots. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the old Frankenmuth Brewery which opened in 1862, the indoor waterpark and, and the year-round festivals including gatherings for seasonal, auto, and beer celebrations.

And don’t forget the Christmas magic that is always in season here. The quaint shops will put you in the seasonal mood, but Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland - naming itself “the world’s largest Christmas store” ensures a festive mood 361 days per year in Frankenmuth.

Refinishing Services in Frankenmuth  - frankenmuth

The city has many ways to share its more than 150 years of history in Michigan. Offering a glimpse into the past, the Frankenmuth Historical Association educates the community and visitors visually with a seven-gallery museum looking to the city’s founding and growth. Beyond the museum, the association also runs the Fischer Hall, built over 100 years ago, that hosts parties and gatherings. Walking across the Zehnder's Holzbrücke (covered bridge) and stopping by the authentic Wolkensdörfer log house offers people a chance to step out of the moment to experience Bavaria and Michigan homesteading first hand.

As a close neighbor, New Finish services several clients in Frankenmuth. Our team will take the time to sit down with you in your home to discuss your personal refinishing goals.

Refinishing Options to Save Business and Homeowners Money

When most people want to explore new options for their bathrooms, kitchens, or large floors, they plan a complete redesign. Instead of replacing all elements of a room, consider refinishing room features such as countertops or bathtubs. When you refinish or resurface a particular part of a room, you save on time and money by cutting out all the added materials, time, and associated work such as cabinets, plumbing, and sinks.

As a company specializing in refinishing, New Finish will take care of refinishing your bathtub, kitchen counter, or epoxy flooring without the added costs of replacing an entire room. Our warranty exceeds that of the new products we install so you will have protection for years to come.

From Flooring to Countertops, Get the Most from Your Refinishing Project with Us

Refinishing Services in Frankenmuth  - countertops

When you partner with New Finish on your refinishing or resurfacing project, you choose to work with a local, family-owned business. We have been working in Frankenmuth and the surrounding Mid-Michigan area since 2005 bringing home and business owners renovation options that save them money and time.

Whether you need countertop resurfacing, bathtub refinishing, or flooring, New Finish has you covered. Give us a call today at (989) 525-6479 to chat about how we can help your project goals become a reality.

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