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Upgrade the Look of Your Cabinets in 3 days or Less with Cabinet Refinishing Or Cabinet Refacing

When it comes to revitalizing your kitchen, replacing cabinet doors is a transformative approach that we at New Finish specialize in. Cabinet doors often endure the brunt of daily kitchen activities, leading to wear and tear that can make even the most well-designed spaces feel dated. Our expert team focuses on not just replacing but enhancing your existing cabinetry, employing techniques like veneering, staining, or applying high-quality lacquers. These finishes not only refresh the look of your cabinets but also provide a durable surface that resists the rigors of kitchen use.

Our process is designed to be as seamless and non-intrusive as possible. Starting with a detailed consultation, we discuss your preferences and the functional needs of your kitchen. This allows us to recommend the best materials and finishes that meet your aesthetic and practical requirements. By focusing on cabinet door replacement, we offer a cost-effective way to achieve a significant makeover without the need for a full-scale renovation. This approach not only saves time and resources but also minimizes disruption to your daily life, making it a convenient option for busy homeowners.

Style Upgrades

At New Finish, we recognize that style is a major consideration in kitchen refinishing. Our clients often seek style upgrades that not only enhance functionality but also reflect current design trends. We offer a range of modern, transitional, and traditional styles to ensure that every kitchen remodel meets the homeowner’s personal taste and complements the home’s overall aesthetic. From adding crown molding for a touch of elegance to implementing minimalist designs for a sleek, contemporary look, our style upgrades are tailored to breathe new life into your kitchen, ensuring it remains both timeless and functional.

Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker style cabinets are a perennial favorite among homeowners due to their classic design and versatility. Characterized by their flat paneled doors with rail frames, Shaker cabinets offer a simple yet attractive look that works well with various decorating styles, from the most rustic to the ultra-modern. At New Finish, we refine traditional Shaker designs with modern touches such as unique color finishes or updated hardware, making them perfect for those seeking a balance between classic appeal and contemporary flair. This style not only enhances the kitchen’s aesthetic but also provides a durable solution that stands the test of time.

High-End Cabinet Refinishing

Material Advancements

Innovation in materials is key to advancing the quality and sustainability of kitchen refinishing. At New Finish, we constantly explore new materials that offer enhanced durability, aesthetic appeal, and environmental sustainability. Recent advancements include the use of high-pressure laminates that resist scratches and stains more effectively, and eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, which offers both durability and a reduced environmental footprint. By incorporating these innovative materials into our projects, we ensure that our kitchen refinishing services remain at the forefront of both technology and design trend.

The cabinet transformation your kitchen needs is right around the corner. Here are a few looks or options homeowners are opting for:

Material Selection and Aesthetic Impact

Selecting the right materials for cabinet door replacement is pivotal in achieving both aesthetic appeal and functionality in your kitchen. At New Finish, we understand that the choice of material not only impacts the visual harmony of your kitchen but also its durability and maintenance requirements.


Wood remains a popular choice for its timeless beauty and the warmth it adds to any space. We offer a variety of wood types, from classic options like oak and maple to exotic choices like mahogany. Each type of wood can be finished in a range of stains and varnishes, allowing for a custom look that can be tailored to match any kitchen design. Wood doors are ideal for those seeking a traditional or rustic aesthetic, and with the right care, they can endure the test of time.


Laminate doors are favored for their versatility and the broad spectrum of styles they offer. Capable of mimicking the appearance of real wood, stone, or even metal, laminate is a resilient material that stands up well to the rigors of kitchen use. It’s resistant to moisture and stains, making it a practical option for busy kitchens. Additionally, laminate is often more budget-friendly than solid wood, making it an attractive option for those looking to refresh their kitchen without a substantial financial outlay.


For those in search of durability and ease of maintenance, thermofoil is an excellent choice. This material consists of a plastic coating over an MDF (medium-density fiberboard) core, which is then heated and molded over the door panel. Thermofoil offers a smooth, seamless finish and is available in a myriad of colors and designs, including high-gloss finishes. It’s exceptionally resistant to moisture and easy to clean, which makes it suitable for kitchens that experience heavy use or high humidity.


Incorporating glass into cabinet doors can significantly enhance the openness and brightness of a kitchen. Glass doors can be either clear, frosted, or textured, and are often used in combination with other materials to break up the monotony of solid fronts. They are perfect for displaying fine china or decorative items, adding a touch of elegance to any kitchen setup. Glass needs to be handled with care but can offer a light and airy feel that is highly desirable in modern kitchen designs.

Longevity and Maintenance Tips

Ensuring the longevity of your newly replaced cabinet doors involves choosing the right materials and following proper maintenance practices. At New Finish, we pride ourselves on providing not only top-quality materials and installation but also valuable advice on keeping your cabinet doors in pristine condition for years to come.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is key to maintaining the appearance and longevity of cabinet doors. We advise using a soft cloth or sponge with a mild soap and water solution to wipe down the surfaces. This is particularly effective for removing everyday dirt and grease that can build up over time. For wood and laminate doors, avoid using abrasive cleaners or scouring pads that can scratch or damage the finish. For glass and high-gloss thermofoil doors, a solution of vinegar and water can help remove fingerprints and smudges without leaving streaks.

Avoid Moisture Damage

While materials like thermofoil and laminate are highly resistant to moisture, wood can be more susceptible to damage. We recommend quickly wiping up any spills or splatters on wood doors to prevent water marks or warping. In humid climates or busy kitchens, consider using a dehumidifier or ensuring proper ventilation to avoid excess moisture buildup, which can adversely affect cabinet materials over time.

Protect from Heat and Light

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause fading and discoloration over time, particularly for wood cabinet doors. We suggest using curtains or blinds to mitigate exposure to direct sunlight. Additionally, positioning heat-generating appliances away from cabinetry can prevent heat damage, which can warp or discolor the material, especially for thermofoil and laminate doors.

Regular Hardware Checks

The hardware of cabinet doors—including hinges, handles, and knobs—plays a crucial role in their functionality and durability. Loose hardware can lead to improper door alignment and increased wear and tear. Periodically check and tighten hardware to ensure doors open and close smoothly. This not only extends the life of the doors but also enhances their ease of use.

Use Gentle Cleaning Agents

For specific finishes like oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel on hardware, use gentle, non-abrasive cleaning agents to avoid tarnishing the finish. Harsh chemicals can damage both metal finishes and the surfaces of cabinet doors. For cleaning high-gloss finishes or glass, use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches and maintain the luster of the surface.

Apply Protective Finishes

Periodically applying a protective finish, such as a wood polish or sealant, can significantly enhance the durability of natural wood doors. These finishes provide an additional layer of protection against scratches, dents, and moisture, while also enriching the natural look of the wood.

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Cabinet Refinishing Prices

If you want to have a fantastic experience while refinishing your space, look no further than New Finish. Here's a quick guide to the pricing you can expect for Cabinet Refinishing Or Cabinet Refacing.

Base Cabinet Refinishing

Average Cabinet Refinish*


Cabinet Refinishing for an average sized kitchen. Includes refinish/paint existing cabinet doors in a solid color of your choice with our exculsive spray applied coating system, refinish exterior of cabinet boxes and frames to match doors.

*Cabinet hardware is additional.

Average Cabinet Refacing*


Cabinet Refacing/Redooring for a average sized kitchen. Includes new five piece Shaker style cabinet doors & drawer fronts, refinished exterior of cabinet boxes and frames to match doors. Price also Includes soft close hidden hinges and pulls or knobs of your choice! Takes only 2-3 days to renew your kitchen!

Cabinet Refinish

Large Cabinet Refacing*


Cabinet refacing/redooring for a large sized kitchen. Includes new five piece Shaker style cabinet doors & drawer fronts, refinished exterior of cabinet boxes and frames to match doors. Price also includes soft close hidden hinges and pulls or knobs of choice! Takes only 2-3 days to renew your kitchen!

High-End Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen Refresh Package*


Our Kitchen Refresh package includes everything listed in our Cabinet Refacing package plus Countertop Refinishing with our spray applied Stone Finish system (Over 40 Granite or Quartz Colors to choose from) and a full Subway Tile backsplash (using Smart Tile)
*Price is based on a average sized kitchen.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on your project.

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