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At New Finish, we understand that your kitchen isn’t just a place for preparing meals; it’s the heart of your home where memories are made. That’s why we offer top-tier countertop refinishing services, designed to breathe new life into your kitchen without the need for costly and disruptive replacements. Our process utilizes the latest in refinishing technology, combined with a selection of high-quality materials that are tailored to meet the unique needs of both residential and commercial projects. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail means we carefully select materials that are durable, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that your countertops look and feel brand new.



Marble is synonymous with luxury and timelessness, and its natural veining adds unparalleled character to any kitchen. At New Finish, we specialize in refinishing marble countertops to restore their original luster while reinforcing their durability. Marble, though visually appealing, is susceptible to scratches and stains due to its porous nature. Our refinishing process involves meticulously sealing the surface to enhance stain resistance, followed by polishing to highlight the stone’s natural beauty. This not only revives the marble’s aesthetic appeal but also extends its lifespan, making it a cost-effective solution for homeowners and businesses.

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Natural Stone

Natural stone countertops, encompassing materials such as quartzite, soapstone, and limestone, offer a unique blend of nature’s diversity and durability. Each piece of stone brings its own story with distinctive patterns and colors, making it a favorite among those who value originality and strength. At New Finish, we understand the nuances of different natural stones and customize our refinishing techniques accordingly. This includes the application of specialized sealants that protect against everyday wear and tear while maintaining the stone’s breathability. 


Granite countertops are prized for their hardiness and visual depth, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial kitchens. Known for its resistance to heat, scratches, and stains, granite still benefits significantly from professional refinishing to maintain its pristine condition. New Finish employs a comprehensive refinishing process that includes deep cleaning, minor chip and crack repair, followed by sealing to enhance the granite’s natural patterns and colors. This process not only revitalizes the appearance of granite countertops but also fortifies them against future damage.

Choosing the Right Material

Selecting the ideal material for kitchen countertop refinishing is a pivotal decision that intertwines functionality, aesthetics, and longevity. Each homeowner’s or business’s needs are unique, and understanding the attributes of each material can guide this critical choice. Following are the considerations you should make while selecting the material for your countertop refinishing.


Daily Usage and Durability


Kitchens with high levels of activity require countertops that can withstand constant use, heat, and potential staining. Granite and engineered stone are renowned for their durability and resistance to heat, making them excellent choices for bustling environments. Conversely, for less frequented areas or where the aesthetic is prioritized over extreme durability, marble offers unmatched elegance.


Maintenance and Care


The willingness to engage in regular maintenance can also influence material choice. Natural stones like marble and granite require periodic sealing to maintain their resistance to staining and etching. Quartz and solid surfaces, being non-porous, present a lower maintenance alternative, needing less frequent attention while still offering durability and aesthetic appeal.


Aesthetic Preferences


The visual aspect of countertops plays a crucial role in the overall design of a kitchen. Materials like marble and granite offer unique patterns and colors, ensuring no two countertops are exactly alike. Engineered stone and laminate provide a wide range of colors and patterns, including options that mimic natural stone, catering to diverse design tastes.


Budgetary Considerations


Budget is another crucial factor. While natural stones typically come with a higher price tag due to their extraction and preparation processes, materials like laminate offer a cost-effective yet visually appealing alternative. Engineered stone and solid surfaces strike a balance, offering durability and style without the premium cost of some natural stones.

Maintaining Your Refinished Countertops

Maintaining the pristine condition of refinished countertops requires a diligent approach that balances daily care with the unique needs of each material. At New Finish, we emphasize a comprehensive maintenance strategy that extends the lifespan and beauty of your countertops. Here’s a guide tailored to ensure your refinished surfaces remain vibrant and durable.

Daily Cleaning Essentials

A cornerstone of countertop maintenance, daily cleaning with a soft cloth and a mild, non-abrasive cleaner, preserves the surface’s shine and prevents dirt accumulation. This routine is gentle yet effective, safeguarding the countertop’s finish from the wear and tear of everyday use. Immediate attention to spills, particularly acidic ones, prevents potential etching or staining, emphasizing the need for prompt and attentive care.

Protective Measures

Utilizing protective mats and trivets shields countertops from heat damage and scratches. This practice is universally recommended, from heat-sensitive laminate to more resilient materials like granite, ensuring the surface remains unmarred by daily kitchen activities. The significance of cutting boards cannot be overstated; direct cutting on countertops can lead to irreversible damage, making this a simple yet essential habit for maintaining surface integrity.

Material-Specific Care Strategies

Material-specific care is equally crucial. Here are the following tips you should consider according to the material of your countertop.

  • For Marble and Granite

Periodic sealing of marble and granite counters is crucial for their upkeep. These porous stones benefit from the protective barrier sealing provides, guarding against stains and bacterial growth. The selection of a quality sealer and adherence to a regular sealing schedule are pivotal in preserving these materials’ natural beauty and functionality.

  • For Quartz and Engineered Stone

Despite their non-porous nature, quartz and engineered stone require mindful maintenance to avoid chemical damage. Steering clear of harsh cleaners preserves the structural integrity of these materials, maintaining their resilience and aesthetic appeal without the need for frequent sealing.

  • For Laminate

Laminate surfaces, prone to heat damage and scratching, demand cautious use. Avoiding direct heat exposure and using cutting boards can prevent common damages, preserving the laminate’s appearance over time.

  • For Solid Surfaces

Acrylic-based solid surfaces offer repairability as a key feature. Minor scratches can often be buffed out, maintaining the surface’s smoothness. For deeper scratches, professional intervention may restore the countertop’s original state, underscoring the value of specialized care.

Emphasizing Preventative Care

Beyond specific maintenance routines, embracing a philosophy of preventative care,avoiding harsh chemicals, mitigating direct heat exposure, and distributing weight evenly—can dramatically extend the life and appearance of all countertop materials. This approach ensures that your countertops not only look their best but also resist the challenges of daily kitchen use.

Sealing and Protection for Long-Lasting Countertops

Ensuring the longevity and beauty of your refinished countertops involves a critical step: the application of sealants for protection against everyday wear and tear. At New Finish, we prioritize educating our clients on the importance of sealing, not just as a one-time task but as a crucial part of ongoing maintenance. This protective measure is particularly essential for porous materials such as marble, granite, and certain natural stones, which are susceptible to staining and etching from spills and acidic substances.


The Role of Sealants


Sealants act as a barrier, filling in the pores of the countertop material to prevent liquids and bacteria from penetrating the surface. This is vital for maintaining hygiene in the kitchen and preserving the material’s integrity over time. For materials like marble and granite, which are naturally porous, sealing can significantly enhance their resistance to stains, making them more suitable for the demands of a busy kitchen environment.


Choosing the Right Sealant


The selection of the right sealant is paramount. There are a variety of sealants available, each designed for specific types of materials and offering different levels of protection. For example, impregnating sealers penetrate deeply into the stone, providing robust protection without altering the natural appearance of the material. On the other hand, topical sealers form a protective layer on the surface, which can offer additional resistance to wear but may require more frequent reapplication and can alter the material’s feel and appearance.


Application and Reapplication


The application of a sealant is a meticulous process that requires a clean, dry surface to ensure optimal adherence and effectiveness. Professional refinishing services like New Finish employ expert techniques to apply sealants evenly, achieving comprehensive coverage and protection. The reapplication frequency depends on the material’s porosity, the sealant type, and the level of kitchen activity. High-use areas may need sealing annually, while less frequently used countertops might maintain their protection for longer periods before requiring resealing.


Maintenance and Care Post-Sealing


After sealing, maintaining the countertop involves regular cleaning with gentle, non-abrasive cleaners to preserve the sealant’s integrity. Harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools can wear down the sealant, diminishing its protective qualities. Spills, especially acidic or color-prone substances, should be wiped up promptly to prevent potential staining or damage to the sealant layer.

Why Choose New Finish for Your Countertop Refinishing Needs

When it comes to revitalizing the look of your countertops without the hefty cost and inconvenience of a full replacement, New Finish stands out as the premier choice for both residential and commercial projects. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovative refinishing solutions sets us apart in the industry. Here are key reasons why New Finish should be your go-to for countertop refinishing services.

Unmatched Expertise

At New Finish, our team comprises highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the refinishing industry. We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of different materials and finishes, ensuring that every project we undertake is executed with precision and expertise. Our specialists are not only adept at applying the latest techniques but are also committed to staying abreast of emerging trends and technologies in countertop refinishing.

Customized Solutions

We understand that each space is unique, and so are your design aspirations. New Finish offers personalized refinishing solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. From selecting the perfect finish to match your décor to offering advice on maintaining your newly refinished surfaces, we work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Quality Materials and Finishes

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at New Finish. We use only the highest quality materials and finishes, ensuring that your countertops not only look stunning but are also durable and long-lasting. Whether you prefer the elegance of stone-look finishes, the durability of epoxy coatings, or the eco-friendliness of sustainable materials, we provide a wide range of options to suit every taste and budget.

Customer-Centric Service

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We go above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of our service meets your expectations, from the initial consultation to the final reveal of your refreshed countertops. Our team is committed to providing clear communication, timely execution, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for our clients.

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I had 40 year old countertops that had seen better days.

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I am so happy I decided not to replace the cabinets and save thousands of dollars to put towards new flooring.

Trust me, you will not regret using New Finish once you see the results,

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I first saw New Finish ads on Facebook and gave them a call. They were professional and friendly right off the bat.

They sent their sales rep, Kevin, to give me a quote. Again, professional and friendly. Then came the day for my new countertops.

Brandon sent a text with an arrival time and guess what? Very professional and friendly! Brandon explained in detail what he was going to do and the amount of time he would be there. He performed his job excellently and I’m very pleased with the transformation.

Thanks New Finish!!

Veronica Cooper

New finish LLC was excellent to work with.
They turned our old outdated countertops into a new modern look for an affordable price with their epoxy diamond coat finish.
Would definitely recommend.

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