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At New Finish, we understand that the kitchen is not just a place for cooking but a central hub for family gatherings and cherished memories. That’s why we offer specialized kitchen finish services tailored to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your kitchen walls. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and the highest quality materials, we ensure a seamless and durable application that transforms your kitchen into a striking space. Our skilled technicians are adept at handling various wallpaper types, from vinyl to fabric-backed, and can advise on the best options to withstand the humid and dynamic environment of a kitchen.



Moreover, our approach to wallpaper installation in kitchens goes beyond mere aesthetics. We prioritize the longevity and maintenance ease of your wall coverings, applying protective finishes that make them more resistant to heat, moisture, and stains. By choosing New Finish for your kitchen’s transformation, you’re not just getting a new look; you’re investing in a practical solution that enhances the overall value of your home. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, we ensure that every project reflects our clients’ visions and stands out with its own unique flair.

Textured Wallpaper

At New Finish, we offer an array of textured wallpapers that elevate the aesthetic of any kitchen while providing a tactile dimension that flat wallpapers cannot. Textured wallpapers can mimic materials like stone, wood, fabric, or plaster, adding depth and interest to kitchen walls. They are particularly effective in kitchens where the interplay of textures can enhance the overall design theme while also concealing imperfections on walls more effectively than flat surfaces.

Efficient Removal and Replacement

Understanding the need for flexibility in kitchen decor, New Finish specializes in the efficient removal and replacement of existing kitchen wallpapers. Whether our clients seek a refresh of their current style or need to replace outdated or damaged wallpaper, we ensure a smooth and clean transition. Our removal process is meticulously planned to protect the underlying wall surfaces, using techniques and tools that minimize damage and prepare walls for new applications.

Popular Wallpaper Trends for Kitchen

Wallpapers can dramatically transform any room with their colors, patterns, and textures. Here are some trending themes in wallpaper design that are capturing attention across various interior design platforms:


Botanical and Floral Prints


This timeless theme continues to evolve with more intricate and oversized floral patterns becoming popular. Botanical prints, including exotic leaves and trees, add a natural, refreshing touch to interiors, making spaces feel vibrant and alive.


Geometric Patterns


Bold geometric shapes are trending for their ability to add visual interest and structure to a room. From classic herringbone to contemporary hexagons, these patterns work well in both vibrant colors and muted tones, fitting a variety of decor styles.


Abstract and Artistic


Wallpaper that looks like an artist’s canvas is increasingly popular. Abstract designs with sweeping brushstrokes, splatters, and mixed media elements offer a unique way to incorporate art into everyday spaces, making walls a focal point of artistic expression.


Textural and Faux Materials


Wallpapers that mimic materials like wood, marble, brick, or metal are trending for their ability to add texture and depth to a room without the cost and hassle of real materials. These wallpapers can make a space feel more upscale and are particularly popular in urban and industrial-themed interiors.


Metallic and Shimmer


Adding a bit of shimmer to the walls can bring a sense of luxury and glamour. Metallic finishes in gold, silver, and copper are being used to highlight features or as a bold statement wall. They reflect light beautifully, enhancing the overall brightness of a room.


Scenic and Mural Wallpapers


Large-scale scenic or mural wallpapers are becoming a favorite for those looking to create a ‘wow’ factor in their space. Whether it’s a serene forest, a bustling cityscape, or an abstract set of designs, these wallpapers turn walls into works of art and can change the entire feel of a room.


Animal and Bird Motifs


Wallpapers featuring animals and birds in whimsical or realistic styles are popular in both children’s rooms and sophisticated living spaces. They add a playful yet refined element to décor and often come in a range of artistic styles from vintage hand-drawn looks to modern graphic prints.

Best Materials for Kitchen Wallpapers

Choosing the right wallpaper material is crucial for ensuring that it not only looks great but also stands up to the conditions in specific rooms, especially in kitchens where durability and ease of maintenance are key. Here are some recommended wallpaper materials suitable for various applications, including kitchens:


Vinyl Wallpaper


This is one of the most popular choices for kitchens due to its durability and ease of cleaning. Vinyl wallpaper is moisture-resistant and can withstand steam and splashes, making it ideal for areas near the sink or stove. It’s available in a range of textures and finishes, including options that mimic the look of fabric, leather, or other materials.


Non-Woven Wallpaper


Made from a blend of synthetic and natural fibers, non-woven wallpapers are easy to install and remove. They are breathable, which prevents mold and mildew buildup—common concerns in kitchen environments. This material is also tear-resistant, making it a good choice for high-traffic areas.


Foil Wallpaper


For those looking to add a bit of glamour to their kitchen, foil wallpaper can be a striking choice. It has a metallic finish that reflects light, brightening up the space. However, it’s worth noting that foil wallpaper can be more delicate and may not be the best choice for areas that get a lot of wear.


Flock Wallpaper


Flock wallpapers offer a velvet-like texture and add a touch of luxury to any space. While traditionally not common in kitchens, modern flock wallpapers are designed to be more durable and cleanable, suitable for a statement wall far from direct heat or moisture.


Bamboo Wallpaper


For an eco-friendly option, bamboo wallpaper is a sustainable choice. It brings a natural, warm aesthetic to the kitchen and is fairly durable. However, it may require more careful maintenance to keep it looking its best in a kitchen environment.


Fiberglass Wallpaper


Known for its incredible durability and fire resistance, fiberglass wallpaper is an excellent choice for kitchens. It’s washable and can be painted over, making it versatile for various kitchen styles. This material also helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

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I had 40 year old countertops that had seen better days.

I could not have imagined how New Finish process makes them appear brand new!

I am so happy I decided not to replace the cabinets and save thousands of dollars to put towards new flooring.

Trust me, you will not regret using New Finish once you see the results,

Josephine Christopher


I first saw New Finish ads on Facebook and gave them a call. They were professional and friendly right off the bat.

They sent their sales rep, Kevin, to give me a quote. Again, professional and friendly. Then came the day for my new countertops.

Brandon sent a text with an arrival time and guess what? Very professional and friendly! Brandon explained in detail what he was going to do and the amount of time he would be there. He performed his job excellently and I’m very pleased with the transformation.

Thanks New Finish!!

Veronica Cooper

New finish LLC was excellent to work with.
They turned our old outdated countertops into a new modern look for an affordable price with their epoxy diamond coat finish.
Would definitely recommend.

Ryan Maxwell

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