Epoxy Flooring

Durable Epoxy Floor Finishing in the Mid-Michigan Area

Affordable, Durable Hard Surface Solutions

Finding a flooring solution that can stand up to harsh chemical spills and stains can be complicated. However, this is where epoxy flooring can shine; they’re long-lasting, resilient, safe and look nice as well. What more could you ask for in a floor? New Finish provides durable, cost-effective solutions for finishing floors. No matter the type of flooring, whether it’s garage, concrete or even commercial- we have the epoxy solution for you. 

New Finish, LLC installs the industry’s leading most durable epoxy flooring products available. We can install epoxy flooring systems quickly, professionally all at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.  A great finish starts with great preparation we have invested in the best equipment and training to properly prepare your flooring surface to give you a finish that will last for many years. We guarantee it!

Epoxy Finishes We Offer

  • Metallic Marble: 100% custom, looks like natural stone. Great for basements, office spaces, garages, and interior floors.
  • Stone Finish: Vinyl flake system. Great for garages, basements, offices, and commercial buildings.
  • UltraFlex: Flexible coating system designed for outdoor applications like concrete decks, patios, sidewalks, pool decks, and virtually any outdoor surfaces.
  • Poly-Urea: Our most popular garage floor system. Garage floors can be resurfaced in just one to two days and completely useable the within 24 hours of completion.  No more waiting 5-7 to days to use your garage!

Types of Flooring That Can Be Resurfaced

  • Concrete
  • Plywood interior floors
  • Tile - Finally an option to update tile without replacement.  Say goodbye to grout!
  • Linoleum
  • VCT Tile

Garage Floors

Has your garage floor lost its luster?  Is it dirty, stained, salt damaged?  Is peeling paint an eye sore?  We have the industry's leading garage floor system!  Our garage floor product is similar to epoxy but technically is a Poly-Urea coating.  While 100% solids epoxy is still a great option, we recommend our Poly-Urea system for garage floors.  Why?  Because we live in Michigan!  Michigan weather puts special demands on flooring.  Our frequent freeze and thaw cycles can cause floors to expand and contract.  Because we know what to expect with Michigan weather and science shows how floors react, this specialized product is made to expand and contract, flexing with the floor.  It provides more flexibility than a 100% solids epoxy.  Our product line also has a fast turn around time.  Floors can be completed in just one to two days in most cases, and they are ready to be driven on the very next day.  This system offers easy cleanup, stain resistance, and the durability a garage floor demands.  It can even be applied in low temperatures.


Pool Decks, Sidewalks & Concrete Porches 

Is your concrete damaged? The solution to this is UltraFlex Epoxy. This original sand coating system is taking over the market due to its innovative features. UltraFlex can fill fractures, saw cuts and even expansion joints in your concrete. This coating is resilient to chemicals and is tough enough to withstand snow removal chemicals. No matter the weather condition, your patio or driveway will be tough enough to withstand even the harshest weather. Decorative tile patterns and borders can be installed on your surface with many color and style options available.  Damaged outdoor spaces can be repaired and renewed with a creative edge to set your home apart.  


Basement Floor Solutions

We offer many different options for basement floors, from a simple stone finish flake floor to an ultra-modern metallic look.  Our epoxy-based systems have excellent waterproofing features, are ultra durable, stain resistant and completely custom.  Metallic marble floors are our most popular option for finished basements.  This system is 100% custom to suit your unique style with endless color and design options!  

If you’re interested in epoxy floor finishing, contact our team at New Finish today. Call us at (989) 525-6479 for more information on our epoxy services.