Exploring Diverse Sealant Types for Michigan

Explore our comprehensive guide to refinishing sealant types at New Finish in Michigan.

At New Finish, we understand that the longevity and appearance of your residential or commercial projects hinge on the quality of refinishing materials used, particularly sealants. Our experience has taught us that the right sealant not only protects surfaces from wear and tear but also enhances their aesthetic appeal. We specialize in a range of sealant types designed to meet diverse needs, from epoxy and polyurethane to silicone and acrylic. Epoxy sealants are our go-to for heavy-duty applications, providing robust protection against chemicals and abrasions, making them ideal for industrial environments or high-traffic areas. For areas requiring flexibility and UV resistance, such as outdoor spaces or surfaces exposed to varying temperatures, silicone-based sealants offer unparalleled performance.

Advance technology

Incorporating the latest advancements in coating technology, we also offer innovative solutions like nano-coatings and eco-friendly options that reduce environmental impact without compromising on quality. Our commitment to excellence means we’re always exploring new techniques and materials to provide our clients with the best possible results. For instance, our water-based acrylic sealants are not only easy to apply but also minimize VOC emissions, promoting a healthier environment. We understand that each project has its unique challenges and requirements, which is why our team is dedicated to working closely with clients to select the perfect sealant type that aligns with their specific needs.

Eco-Friendly Sealant Options

In our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, New Finish prioritizes eco-friendly sealant options for all refinishing projects. We are dedicated to utilizing sealants that have a minimal environmental impact, focusing on products that are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and free from harmful chemicals. Our selection includes water-based sealants, which are not only easier to clean up but also significantly reduce the emission of VOCs into the atmosphere, compared to their solvent-based counterparts. Additionally, we offer bio-based sealants derived from renewable resources, providing a sustainable alternative without compromising on performance. These eco-friendly options are not only better for the planet but also contribute to safer indoor environments for our clients.

Indoor Air Quality

At New Finish, we understand the importance of maintaining excellent indoor air quality during and after our refinishing projects. The selection of the right sealant plays a crucial role in this regard, as some traditional sealants can release high levels of VOCs, which can affect air quality and potentially lead to health concerns. To address this, we emphasize the use of low-VOC and no-VOC sealants in our projects, significantly reducing the impact on indoor air quality. These products are specifically designed to minimize the emission of harmful compounds, ensuring a healthier living and working environment. Our team is knowledgeable about the latest advancements in sealant technology that prioritize air quality, including innovations that actively contribute to cleaner indoor air by neutralizing pollutants.


Types of Sealants

In the world of refinishing services, the choice of sealant is paramount to achieving both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting protection. Sealants play a crucial role in defending surfaces against environmental damage, wear, and tear, while also enhancing the material’s natural beauty. As a leading provider in refinishing services for both residential and commercial projects, New Finish is committed to employing a wide array of high-quality sealants, each tailored to meet specific project needs.


Epoxy Sealants


Epoxy sealants are renowned for their strength and durability, making them an ideal choice for areas subject to heavy use or chemical exposure. Composed of resin and a hardener, these sealants create a tough, impermeable barrier upon curing, which is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and physical impact. Epoxy is particularly favored for flooring applications in industrial and commercial settings due to its longevity and ease of maintenance.


Polyurethane Sealants


Polyurethane sealants stand out for their flexibility and adhesive strength, which makes them suitable for a vast range of applications. Their versatility extends to bonding and sealing a variety of materials including wood, metals, and concrete. Polyurethane is highly effective in sealing joints and gaps, offering excellent resistance to weathering, UV light, and temperature variations. This sealant is a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor projects, providing a durable seal that can move and flex with the substrate.


Silicone Sealants


Silicone sealants are best known for their superior flexibility and high-temperature resistance, making them indispensable in environments that undergo extreme temperature changes. Silicone forms a water-resistant seal that is also resistant to sunlight, ozone, and many chemicals. It is particularly useful in sealing windows, doors, and other exterior joints, ensuring a long-lasting bond that can withstand harsh environmental conditions.


Acrylic Sealants


Acrylic sealants are water-based and offer a cost-effective solution for sealing cracks and joints in a wide range of substrates. Their ease of use and quick drying time make them a convenient option for many projects. Acrylic sealants are paintable, allowing them to blend seamlessly with the surrounding surface. Although not as durable or flexible as silicone or polyurethane sealants, they are ideal for less demanding applications where moderate movement is expected.


Eco-Friendly Options


In response to growing environmental concerns, New Finish also emphasizes the use of eco-friendly sealant options. These sealants are designed to minimize environmental impact, featuring low VOC emissions and formulations that are safer for both the environment and human health. Water-based acrylics and bio-based sealants are examples of eco-friendly options that do not sacrifice performance for sustainability. They provide effective sealing capabilities while also contributing to healthier indoor air quality and reducing the carbon footprint of refinishing projects.

How to Select the Right Sealant?

Selecting the right sealant for a refinishing project is crucial to ensure the longevity, durability, and aesthetic appeal of the treated surfaces. The choice of sealant depends on various factors, including the material being sealed, the environmental conditions it will be exposed to, and the specific performance characteristics required. Here, we break down key considerations and tips to help guide the selection process, ensuring optimal results for your projects.


Consider the Material


Different materials have unique characteristics and may require specific types of sealants to bond effectively and provide the desired protection. For example, wood surfaces may benefit from polyurethane sealants that offer flexibility and water resistance, whereas silicone sealants are better suited for non-porous materials like glass and metal due to their excellent adhesion and weather resistance.


Identify the Environment


The environment in which the sealed surface will exist plays a significant role in sealant selection. Outdoor projects, exposed to weather elements, demand sealants with UV resistance and the ability to withstand temperature fluctuations. Indoor projects might prioritize low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) sealants to ensure better indoor air quality.


Determine the Desired Performance


Performance needs such as flexibility, durability, and resistance to chemicals or moisture will influence the choice of sealant. Epoxy sealants, known for their strength and resistance to chemicals, are ideal for industrial settings, while acrylic sealants may be preferred for their paintability and ease of use in residential applications.


Evaluate Aesthetic Requirements


The final appearance of the sealant should also be considered. If the sealant will be visible and aesthetics are a concern, choose a product that can be painted or comes in a color that matches the surrounding materials. Transparent silicone sealants are a popular choice for their discreet appearance on glass and other smooth surfaces.

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